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Join us to celebrate our local waters! The White River Festival is a two week celebration of the west fork of the White River, a significant natural resource that runs through central Indiana. Events will explore the role of the river as a recreational treasure, an inspiration for art, habitat for wildlife, and as a major supplier of water for drinking and industry.  Come for art exhibits and performances, family activities, river clean ups, tours, bird walks, lectures, and to see how you’re connected to the White River even if you don’t live right next to it!

White River Arts Music and Recreation Festival (WARMFest)

Our goal is environmental stewardship for the White River. The event i......

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Exhibit: Water’s Extreme Journey

Become a Raindrop, Change Your World. Introduce and engage children in......

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A River Runs through Us: Exhibit about the importance of the White River

Most of us do not spend a lot of time thinking about the river or real......

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DamNation Community Film Screening

Currently, Indiana is discussing the pros and cons of damming White Ri......

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