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Clean water plays an important role in our world. We need clean water for drinking, safe streams and lakes for our families to play in, and healthy habitat for fish and wildlife to thrive. Every September in Central Indiana we celebrate the White River and its tributaries and work together to make our waterways cleaner.

Join us for two weeks of hikes, family science activities, river cleanups, tours, and more! This year’s theme is CREATE, so look for a special art exhibit, poetry collaborations, and even a chance to come in costume circa 1915! Remember, whether they are part of where you live, work, or play, the White River and its tributaries matter and YOU can help make them cleaner!

Upcoming Highlights

Zionsville Creekfest

Due to conflicts during September, Zionsville is hosting this ‘early bird......

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Shoreline Fishing Trip Down the White River

Follow DNR Go FishIN Coordinator Clint Kowalik as he travels down the White......

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Noblesville White River Celebration

A unique collaboration of White River enthusiasts dedicated to the Explorat......

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White River Urban Wildlife Walk

Did you know there is an Urban Wilderness Trail right in the heart of downt......

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