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Climate Change in Indiana Seminar

Wednesday September 27th @ 06:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Our climate shapes our lives. The ways we build our roads, manage our farms, move our water, and use our energy are all influenced by our unique Indiana climate. But our climate has been changing, and it will continue changing in ways that will affect our productivity, our safety, and our livelihoods.

Experts from around the state, led by the Purdue Climate Change Research Center, have come together to synthesize the best available science on climate change impacts into a series of reports that discuss how a changing climate will affect state and local interests. Speaker Melissa Widhalm, Operations Manager for the Purdue Climate Change Research Center will be highlighting key findings on what climate change means for Indiana.

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Climate Change in Indiana Seminar
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Carmel Clay Public Library
55 4th Ave SE

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