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Why is the River Important?


White River is important for many reasons – many more than can be listed here. Here’s a start!


  • Industry relies on the river as a source of water for its operations.  See who uses the most water.
  • Recreation related to the river adds dollars to the economy…



  • The river is a drinking water source for cities and towns along the river.
  • Polluted water in the White River and surrounding streams means people can’t swim or play in the water.
  • Fish living in polluted waters are often not safe to eat.





The river provides opportunities for rest and recreation:


Artistic inspiration

The river is a place of inspiration, both for artists and non-artists alike

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    Celebration & Stewardship Fundraiser Tickets On Sale

    Tickets are now on sale for the White River Celebration and Stewardship Fundraiser! Join us for a creative, interactive event to recognize exceptional river stewards and support our efforts to promote and protect our water resources! This fun, team-focused event will have a new twist this year – paint and decorate your own themed canoe! […]

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